MintzFlow Hip Mobility + Splits Program

An Uncommon Guide for Hips That Behave Like Hips

Is the Hip Mobility Program right for me? Who is this program for?

Muscle Tightness and lack of range of motion are not synonymous.

Did you know there's no such thing as a tight muscle?

Hypermobility, joint instability, and overactivity

Program Goals

  • Cold Mobility

    Are you someone who wakes up tight? Or maybe it takes you a while to warm up before you have access to your full ranges of motion. One of the primary goals of this program is to give you access to your full ranges of motion even when you're cold. No more need to warm up before being able to move fluidly and effortlessly. 

  • More Movement Options

    The purpose of mobility isn't just to do more mobility. It's to give you more options in the other activities you love doing. Whether you're just starting out or are an advanced practitioner, the content in this program is designed to give you the tools for exploration and expression of that mobility. Like I said, we don't want to have infinite mobility just for mobility's sake, we want to move better and be able to do more movements that we love without pain, without injury, and without limitation.

  • Control, Expand, Explore

    First, let's disconnect the idea that you're tight because you lack range of motion. You're tight because you lack neurological control of your joints. So the first goal of this program isn't necessarily to expand your range, but to teach you how to better control it. That control then leads and translates to expansion and exploration. If your goal is to eliminate pain, improve your range, move better in all of your activities, or just enjoy this style of training, this hip mobility program will help you achieve all of those things quickly, safely, and will leave you feeling good in your body again.

“ Damn! Thank youuu! 

I'm just so impressed with it already. I graduate as a physical therapist in one semester, so i was tbh a bit like "will there be anything new for me," but there definitely is and I just know that I'm gonna benefit so much from it!

Thanks! "

Nanna H, Physio and Yoga Teacher

A Roadmap Toward  Better Flexibility

This comprehensive program will lead you step by step toward building range quickly, controlling that range with pure strength, and keeping your newly acquired ranges practice after practice.


    Are your hips tight? Could you use more hip mobility? Maybe your hips pop and click? Let's help you create hips that do hip things.


    Have you been training your splits for a while, but can't seem to make the progress as quickly as you want? You'll learn how to build range quickly and control it with HOURS of exercises found nowhere else in the world.


    It's never too late to start training your splits. Because this program is designed to give you CONTROL of your joints again, it's a potent program whether you're a young gymnast, or you're 75 and have been sedentary for years. Regain the control of your body and your joints!


    Do you have your splits, but your back hurts, hips pop? Can you tell you don't have the stability and control you should have? This program will stabilize those joints and put you back in control of your body. Stop being in pain, start doing this program TODAY!


    Do you have your splits but looking for ways to increase your range without becoming hyper mobile?


    I was that way for years. It's an instability thing, you can read more about that down below. And you better believe this program will fix it!

Beginner to Advanced

Gain Additional Range wherever you're starting out.

The techniques in this program are designed to create useable force quickly whether you can touch your toes to your forehead or you can only reach your knee with a  long stick.

Quick Release

Quick Fixes

While Myofascial release doesn't create lasting gains in mobility, it definitely expedites the process and allows us some tricks to quickly reset mechanical and neurological tightness in order to retrain it.



Bonus Content

Middle Splits And Bonus Mobility

The middle splits bonus section adds additional mobilizations specific to improving your hip abduction, stability, range of motion, and control. Over an hour of content solely for middle splits!

Muscle tightness is a sign of instability, not inflexibility. Meaning it's a problem of strength, not a problem of range. When you stretch passively, you're pushing the joint further and further from it's point of stability. So it might give relief temporarily, but everything will become overactive again and lock up. That's why you're tight when you wake up in the morning, and your cold mobility sucks. First, teach your hips how to be hips. Then expand. That goes for contortionists and NFL linemen alike.

Ryan Mintz

Creator of M3 Protocol

Splits are an elusive beast.

But so are hips that behave like hips.

"I'm a yogi. Which means I'm epic bendy, but my hips pop, my body hurts, and I'm super tight when I wake up in the morning" -You

If you can crank your limb until it's behind you head, but you can't use the muscles of your leg to put it there, it's useless range. It is range within which you cannot apply force. This screams instability to your neurological system and your brain starts making other nearby muscles overactive to compensate. Your muscles lock down!


If you continue to train on that compensation you are fertilizing the ground for dysfunction. It does not bring more capability. And your tightness is NOT a lack of stretching. In order to improve capability you must first make shit work nice, and that means building strength through all ranges of motion through which you intend to use the joint. 


And you know what? By doing that you'll actually feel stronger in all of your other movements. You'll stabilize your joints, control them, and then watch how much more quickly your range will expand!

  • Build strength in your end ranges. Stabilize your joints. Feel better in your movements.

  • No longer feel stiff when you wake up. Or need to warm up to have access to any of your mobility. This program is meant to build COLD Permanent Mobility. 

Every video in the program where I do a split... I'm cold. Zero warmup. My body has earned the right to be in those ranges. 

Maybe you have back pain? Sit a lot? Drive a lot? Spend 12 hours a day flipping through other people's splits on instagram? Those stressors make your brain think hip instability, hip flexors become overactive and short. They pull your pelvis forward. Your low back and SI compress. And now for some reason your shoulder is hurting too.


Muscles only know how to turn on and off. Let's turn them on in their end ranges to create stability and teach them to apply force.

For people whos low back thinks it's a hip. And other people too.

"I'm like wolverine, except in MY version his muscles are filled with concrete." -You

Do you know why you can't touch your toes? As we age we develop a stretch reflex in order to protect us from ranges we can't apply force in.


Superior strength in your mid-range of motion does not translate into your end ranges automatically. And sometimes it's just one specific tight muscle that's keeping all of the others on lockdown.


But maybe your ancestors were rock people and you're just tight AF. I'm not going to say you're in luck, because, well, you're a rock. But you will likely have an easier time building range because you have the stability thing nailed down.

  • 4 Hours of video content

  • 15, 30, 60 - Minute Workout Programs

  • Lifetime Access

  • Dig Deeper and apply substantially more force in all of your 3-Dimensional movements.

The test? Can you use your muscles to pull your knee toward your chest as high as you can crank it using your hand? If you can't, that's hypermobility still. You're just a hyper mobile rock. Or, if you're just tight. Then those Kinesiological stretches will be your best and crampy friend.

Other People.

What will you learn?

As you follow along with the videos to learn the techniques, remember to pause as needed. Take a look at the program below, there's a lot to it.



First we will learn how to retension overactive muscles using Active Myofascial Release Techniques. This is a very powerful set of tools for loosening tight muscles in 2 minutes or less so that results can come faster and easier!



Then we will use kinesiological stretching techniques to individually isolate and target the tightest muscles SPECIFICALLY. This will allow you to create additional range quickly, safely, and without pain.



In the next section you'll learn to control your newfound ranges, strengthen your hips, and learn about neurological tension. These are active flexibility drills to build strength in your end ranges in the effort to stabilize, control, and add pliability to your movement. This is the largest and most important section!



Finally, we tie everything together with a series of functional splits exercises that combine end range strength, movement, and habituation techniques to help cement your new mobility gains.

Myofascial Release and Muscle Retensioning

Myofascial Release is a self-massage technique that has great synergy with mobility training. While MFR does not create permanent changes in mobility, it is an awesome "reset" switch that allows us to temporarily hydrate overactive muscle structures, improve nerve supply to the area, and in doing so reset muscles that are tight and fixated in the wrong direction.


As part of this system, MFR is used as a shortcut to prepare our tissues for the kinesiological stretching techniques, End Range Strength, and functional splits drills so we can make progress faster, reset painful/tight joints, and get closer to our splits in less time.

Kinesiological Stretching Techniques

KST are stretching techniques designed to isolate the mechanics of each muscle individually and stretch it based on its actions one by one. Unlike PNF, passive, ballistic, and static stretching, KST focuses on individual tight muscles and their movement mechanics rather than stretching a group of muscles simultaneously.


The advantage of stretching each muscle individually is you quickly learn where the tight and weak muscles are that are holding back your progress. 

End Range Strength Training

The end of your range is the very last inch of your range of motion. This is an area that tends to be weak and neurologically inactive. Building strength in your end ranges not only improves flexibility faster, but helps to stabilize your joint, and gives you control to be able to apply force within those ranges. Flexibility without strength leads to injury, this is why the ERS section of the program is the most comprehensive and important in the whole program!


Flexibility is primarily neurological. When your body senses instability it causes agonist muscles to become overactive in the effort of stabilizing the joint. This causes muscles to be fixated in the wrong direction electrically. The only way to fix this permanently is to understand that muscles only know how to turn on and off. So in order to loosen these "tight" muscles, we need to strengthen them, and go beyond just making them strong by allowing your body to apply force in all ranges of motion.


You will see and feel the difference after just one session!

Middle Split Add-On Program

We recently added over 20 videos to the program, among those is over an hour of additional content solely for middle splits. You'll learn Kinesiological stretches, end range strength exercises, and a series of functional splits drills to help you beat that middle split plateau. These are techniques you've never seen anywhere else!

"Damn! Thank youuu! 

I'm just so impressed with it already. I graduate as a physical therapist in one semester, so i was tbh a bit like "will there be anything new for me," but there definitely is and I just know that I'm gonna benefit so much from it!

Thanks! "

Nanna H


"Just accessed the Middle Split stuff you've just released! Thanks again for the top quality content and the time you've clearly put in! Had a try of quite a few of the end range strengthening exercises, really feeling it!

Andrew J.

"So it's crazy how this splits program just makes everything easier and feel better.


I've been doing backbends after the hip extension/quad day... and like wow... backbends are deep and effortless & they feel like a whole new thing."

Alexander K

Yeah, I have started to go through it, have a bit left. Really enjoy it, and it's very much educational. I will definitely recommend the program to anyone in network that might want it.


I took the FRC course last year in london, and the combination with what I am learning from you I feel by understanding and knowledge is getting better every month. It's as you say, it's in the details. So essential to connect and engage the right places to do certain movements. Feels as if I am on a discovery trip in my own body -- every month there is an "aha" moment."

Tommy M.

What am I getting?

What if I already have my splits? Is this program going to benefit me?

Am I too old to start this program?

Splits aren't really a goal of mine, but will this program help my hip mobility?

I'm hypermobile, will this program help me or make it worse? I'm built like cement and not flexible at all, will this program work?

How long do I have access to the program?

Is there any special equipment needed to complete this program?

Do you offer online coaching or assistance with the technique in the program?


Hip Mobility+

Splits Program

Ryan has 17 years experience coaching optional and elite level gymnastics. The systems contained in these videos are not just new stretches, but coaching insights you can't get anywhere else.

  • Over 4 Hours of Video, to teach you each every detail of every technique along with insights into movement and mobility that will change how you move forever.

  • Workout Programs to follow, in 15, 30, and 60 minute lengths

  • Seven Sections, MFR Techniques, Kinesiological stretching techniques, End Range Strength Training exercises, Functional Splits, Workouts, Middle Splits, and various subcategories of each.

  • Fix Your Hips, It's time to have hips that are under YOUR control. Eliminate pain, improve stability, and get more bendy while you're at it!

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