I'm Ryan.

Belief Strategist + Nuanced Energy Coach



I'm Ryan.

Belief Strategist +

Nuanced Energy Coach

Who am I?

Asking yourself this question can certainly open up a lot within you. In my journey I have been many things, but I never wanted to be limited to one label or a one sentence description. I have been called a teacher, coach, electronics engineer, model, screenwriter, director, gymnast, martial artist… but no one thing describes who I am. These were just things that I did.

I spent so much time searching for more knowledge. Trying to understand the intricacies of the body, the mind, electronics, noise, Earth histories, and spent thousands of hours filling my mind with books, documentaries, occult knowledge, and personal internal study. I was interested in probable realities, different timelines, Atlantis, aliens, energy mechanics, multidimensional structure, and the frameworks this reality is based on.


I studied the body through hundreds of different lenses, researching nutrition, supplementation, and technology to the deepest levels of understanding, and integrate it into what I taught, how I moved, and the activities I explored.


Through the colorpuncture modality, I discovered the deepest layers of my programming. I began healing my mind, my body, and the way my life unfolded for me.


I saw so many esoteric spiritual teachers whose teachings were impractical, ungrounded, and not at all useful. Leading people to temporary feel-good states without the depths of understanding I desired. I didn’t want to be a guru who was worshipped, I wanted to be a healer and a teacher. These people talk about rules, laws, and confinement. Many are great salesmen, but never seem to understand the tangible complexity or that there isn’t a single good or evil, right or wrong.


So many people are still slaves to the system, manipulated by religion and new age spiritual teachings, all versions of authority worship. The God on the screen, the God of religion, the God of government, the Gods of aliens and multidimensional entities, the "expert" God. So many people are simply followers, and I did not want to be a slave to a system. Any system. I wanted to teach people how to be Neo in the matrix. I didn’t want to run away from the matrix or be trapped in it, but instead to be in my complete power within it.


At many points in my spiritual awakening and levels of enlightenment I felt an emptiness. 


You just don’t know who you are, what you are going to do or be. It becomes a big identity crisis each time because you’re placed at the precipice of doubt and your ego doesn’t know what to do with itself.


I had stages where I believed spirituality was a certain definition of light without the dark. Then it grew into examining the dark as “the thing to heal.” Which later led me to understand the gray, where contrast and detail exist. Neither light all the time or dark all the time, but allowing both energies to flow organically. As I grew further, I felt an obligatory importance… the world “needed” my teachings and energy, I was here for something important. Over time this too came to be dismantled. I realized I was here to be human, not to help others through DO-ing, but through the energy I embody, who I am Being in everything I do. 


What I did no longer mattered, I began to trust my intuition completely and open my heart so that I could skillfully use my rational mind to compare between my inner world and outer feedback.


I became a conscious internal creator, unphased by the whims of the external world. I dismantled my fight or flight response and began using my body telekinetically instead of muscularly, I eliminated pain, restriction, and doubt. I could connect to nature, see through the eyes of trees and animals, feel with my shadow, and control wind and clouds.


I stopped thinking about living in the moment, and truly lived it with full knowing and trust in how I could fabricate my own world and my experience of it, regardless of seeming external chaos.


Following my path became effortless, knowing what to do became immediately available. I receive 20x the financial support with half the effort, my partnership connection deepened and blossomed, and I continue to be led to greater levels of fulfillment in all life categories.


As I work with people the question I always ask is “are you sure you really want to change?” 

Most people say yes immediately, but their mind is so unskilled that they’re completely unaware of the aspects of them that really don’t want to change. 

Your subconscious is lazy, it likes its programs, it feels safe in the patterns of the comfort zone. You have beliefs about the nature of reality that have gone unexamined. There is no “one thing” you will find that magically puts the pieces of you together in a tidy package, no one purpose or mission that you must find in order to be fulfilled.


And so I teach a way of Being, a way of experiencing a larger magnitude of reality than ever imagined possible. I introduce you to deeper layers of yourself, your power, and your ability of expression. The spiritual becomes practical, grounded and useful. And so you become powerful inside any matrix you might find yourself in, and feel connected outside of it too. The keys to your kingdom become fully yours.